Designing Japan. A Future Built on Aesthetics

Designing Japan. A Future Built on Aesthetics

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Designing Japan presents renowned designer Kenya Hara’s vision of how his industry can support Japan in crafting a future founded on a unique philosophy of beauty as well as crowd-sourced wisdom from around the world. A master collaborator, meticulous organizer, and globally conscious innovator, Hara draws on more than three decades of participations in design work and exhibition curating, as well as deep professional interaction with creators from many fields.

In Designing Japan Hara reveals methods that make publicly accessible aesthetic inquiries of how this island nation will proceed as its population ages, other nations take over manufacturing, and technology develops. Illustrations and examples recognize successful problem-solving through design, proving that it is a living, changing industry that remains relevant not in spite of, but as a partner to, advancing technology.

“[...] a fascinating read.”
– Design Anthology

“I have just finished reading ‘Designing Japan: A Future Built on Aesthetics’ which I would like to recommend not only to those passionate about Japanese design and interested to learn about the essence of its aesthetics, but also to anyone interested in the thinking process behind Japanese aesthetics and its design industry. In this beautifully-designed little book, Hara explores various themes in Japanese design from the sixteenth century until the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.“
 Daniella on Design

“Una lectura entretenida y formativa que permite desentrañar la meticulosa, inspiradora y avanzada cultura de diseño japonesa a través de uno de sus representantes más reconocidos.”
 The Praxis Journal

Author(s): Kenya Hara
Design: Kenya Hara + Sebastian Fehr, Hara Design Institute

13 × 18,7 cm, 5 x 7 ¼ in
208 pages, 45 illustrations